What is a change order?

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This is a good question and a valid one!  There hasn’t been many projects we have done whereby there hasn’t been any changes in the scope of work.  It is normal and typical that you, the client will make a change at some point.  You will have done all the due diligence required in the planning stages but still as the project evolves you might think of something that you might not have thought about as the design process was taking place. For example, when the plans are being drawn up and you choose to have a 10×12 bedroom but when construction begins you realize this is too small and want to make it bigger, than that is when you would be issued a change order.

A change order is a written document that states the change  in the scope of work that you as the client have requested to the construction company. You will review  the “change order” and when satisfied you will sign  and date it.    The change will always affect the price one way or the other. You will be signing this document as proof that you agree to the scope of the project being changed and also the price change.  Depending on the change the cost can be more or less and planning  your project well will help  minimize changes.  The more prepared you are , the less money spent!


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