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Lighting is one of the most important parts of a renovation or a new build yet it sometimes get shoved down the list.   There is nothing worse than trying to put on makeup in a poorly lit bathroom!  Let’s have a little review on lighting.

There are 3 types of lighting…

Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting is the main source of light to brighten up your space.  When you turn on the light switch, ambient lighting illuminates the space.  It usually takes the form of recessed lighting (pot lighting), ceiling mounted light fixture, chandelier, sconces or most anything that brighten up the space that is usually fixed. 

Accent lighting: This type of lighting you might see in art galleries or in homes, a nice little swivel recessed light or track lighting that illuminates something specific. The word “accent ” is exactly what it means, you will need extra lighting.

Task lighting:  Task lighting describes exactly that,a light that provides additional light to complete a task .  For example a table lamp to read by, under counter light to help light up the work space etc…

Bulbs varieties 

Incandescent lights: They are the bulbs that Thomas Edison in 1880 produced to the world and have taken on a different form since then but have been favored  the world over.  The drawback is they are very inefficient , can heat up and are fairly fragile BUT have served their purpose!

Halogen Bulb:  This light bulb actually is an incandescent bulb but has a small amount of halogen gas that produces a chemical reaction with the tungsten filament to produce a longer lasting light bulb. Who knew?!  These bulbs are popular as they are more energy efficient.

Florescent bulbs: These bulbs are prized for their energy efficiency but not so good for the colour of the light it produces.  They are getting better though!  The come in a linear bulb and also a spiral . The size of the tubes like the T5 are becoming thinner so they are becoming more popular in the use of task lighting.

Led lighting:  This light is extremely efficient energy wise and the colours are getting better as well.  They are gaining popularity rapidly and becoming the light bulb of choice in most homes.  The only drawback is the initial cost, it’s more expensive but the bulb last longer.

Next Tuesday’s blog will be about the importance of a lighting plans in a renovation or new build.

Happy bulb shopping!

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