Lighting Plan – Important?

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lighting plan

Yes, yes and yes again!!  When we are doing new construction or renovation we review the drawings and one of the first thing we look for is a lighting plan.  I don’t mean “fixtures”  but the drawing that will show where all the lights are placed. If you cheap out on this in your design package I can guarantee you will be disappointed.

Lighting is so very important.  Here are a few things to remember…

  1. Recessed lighting is a great choice but one problem to be mindful of is shadowing. If its not placed properly in relation to where your work stations are and where you will be standing you might not get proper light, too much shadowing or the beam of the light hitting your head!
  2. Layer your lighting.  In a kitchen perhaps have pendants with the recessed lights and even under cabinet task lights.
  3. The bathroom in my opinion  is one room that should be amply lit up.  Proper placement and amount of lighting should be of high priority to make sure there is no shadowing and enough brightness.  There is nothing  more bothersome than trying to put make- up on and you can’t see your face properly!
  4. Dimmer switches are a practical choice, not too expensive and creates mood lighting that you might like while entertaining etc…
  5. Put  thought where you want your switches to be placed.  There can be a lot of walking involved if you make a mistake and you will end up calling your contractor/electrician back.

Have fun!

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