A bit about surveys…

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There is a lot to learn about building and renovating.  So many processes and procedures before you get to the fun stuff like picking out the lighting fixtures , plumbing fixtures and paint!  In a past blog, I’ve touched on permits,but what about surveys?   They are mandatory and essential to the buildingRead More

Design Trends for 2015

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When it comes to design and decorating, you base your decisions on trends, and personal style. 2015 is the year for being bold; from paint colour to geometric hexagon furniture.  It’s all about  colour and shapes and then a little nostalgia too! Libraries, vintage tubs, four poster beds and goldRead More

3 reasons to get building permits for your residential construction project

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Residential building permit

  Time and time again, we get the question, “do I need permits for this job?” The answer is an unequivocal “yes” and here’s why: 1. You will not be insured without proper building permits Without securing proper permits no insurer will touch your project. This means you are puttingRead More